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Tout d'abord permettez moi de vous présenter tous mes voeux pour cette année 2023 naissante. Principalement des souhaits de bonne santé et de paix.

Je viens de voir sur le site d'Orion quelques nouveautés qui ne manqueront pas de ravir les Rats du Désert et autre guerriers du la Seconde guerre Mondial . . . . .Il me semble que cela soit un bon début d'année.

Paix en Ukraine, restez tous en sécurité


Re: orion

With electronic traductor

First of all, allow me to wish you all the best for this nascent 2023. Mainly wishes for good health and peace.

I just saw on the Orion website some novelties that will not fail to delight the Desert Rats and other warriors of the Second World War . . It seems to me that this is a good start to the year.

Peace in Ukraine, stay safe all

Kind regards

Re: orion

Well spotted and thank you for telling us all. Two sets there I will be buying for sure, both the LRDG and DAK are good poses on the whole, with a few reservations, the bayoneting guy, bewildering given the nature of the LRDG, weapon choice overall seems to be inspired by "sea of sand" but it is on my list of favourite war films so I can live with that. DAK my only criticism are the number of sun helmets, but head swaps can sort that. Early war French and Polish tank troops wow was not expecting ever to see them made, and they will delight those in to all things 39/40.

Re: orion

yes great sets for 1939/40 tank crews lrdg/sas it should be as box art shows paddy mayne and i think reg seekings of the sas. i know why alan has reservations sten guns. but anything new at moment is most welcome.

Re: orion

Polish tank crew and LRDG, a big yes!!! But what about US marines (Vietnam war) and may be some Australian troops (Vietnam war). This would be a surprise for sure!!! Orion is one of my favourite figure makers, one way or another...

Re: orion

Well not only sten guns were not used - also bren and so much rifles… LRDG need more firepower like Thompson with drum magazine, trophy mp40’s, Lewis guns…

Here is a good article regarding the equipment and weapons of LRDG:

From the other side the tank crew men are great! Orion is the unique form depicting those brave men who served their metal horses. 😊

Kind regards,


Re: orion

What's the link for Orion's website?

Re: orion

plastic soldier review go links ,to the red box on there or drum and flag on there to cheers

Re: orion


Re: orion

Bardia, 3-5 january 1941.
Quite well covered just missing:
1) a boxed set of British Engineers Corps Sappers (with Bangalore Torpedoes) and
2) Breda 20/65 mod.35, 20 mm AA Gun.
Happy, peaceful and prosperous new year to everybody!