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Re: The Way Ahead?

Hi Yevgen
thanks for your response.
I've found your site and from the quick look I've had so far it seems promising!
First impressions are favourable.
If you can get things up and running I, as a potential customer wish you well! As long as payment is secure and reliable that's fine.
I mention this as we have to be careful whom we deal with - caveat emptor! Mid November I placed an order for 4 3d printed models with a company that shall remain nameless, who appeared reputable, and so far despite several emails I've had nothing and no response.
As for subjects I suggest that you seek to be original and cover less well known periods and troops.
After all, everyone does Napoleonics!
As for cost I would like this to be roughly comparable to injection moulded figures. Looking at range of Robjobs 3d figures, as set of 10 seated figures is £11-49, multi-buy discount.
To fill in the gaps when assembling units I buy metal figures for gun crews and specialists heavy weapons not covered, such as anti-tank riflemen, again more expensive than plastic but it's all relative.
All the best with your project,. and a very Happy New Year!

Re: The Way Ahead?


I am setting everything now. I live in Spain - so all the payments would be secured (probably PayPal in main cases).

I will sell digital files and printed figures.

But contacted to the 3d wargaming3d printing companies and I am waiting their answer. Once it is settled - I will know. I do not want to use Strelets webpage/forum for this purpose (as I have great respect for this company). So I will let You know probably in Benno’s forum.

But the message is: from my side there is a willing to make 3d models for scale 1/72.

Kind regards,


Re: The Way Ahead?

Hi again
I hope all goes well for you!
It might be best to set up your own limited company?
We know that we are dealing with reputable trustworthy people and you keep control of your copyright products!
The company I'm having trouble with claims to be producing models from other peoples' files under licence.
I don't use Benno's Forum much but I'll have to keep an eye on it.........
Certainly I think there is a case for innovation and new technology for creativity to find new ways forward.
Likewise, I think the vast majority of us hobbyists have great respect for our Strelets, especially in light of the current troubles.
Again I wait developments!
Best regards as ever