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Re: Hannants future page

Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that "cavalry disaster" set.

Think somebody got confused painting lancers as carabiniers!

The 2 highlander poses, while nice figures in themselves, I dont really want to see in such a set. Cavalry versus cavalry would be better. The box art even shows British Lifeguards which if made one on one with a Cuirassier, would of been fantastic. Or even one escorting a dismounted French trooper to the rear, keeping with the theme I think the sculptor was going for. There are few casualty/falling cavalrymen/horses for such troops as is, the highlanders just take up valuable space.

The falling Dragoon & Carabinier are wonderful poses and I would love to have seen at least 1 falling cuirassier/horse pose to go with them. At least there is a dead Cuirassier trooper.

So for me its a set thats 50-50. Some interesting poses, some not. As I say, I think the Highlanders are a waste of room where cavalrymen either allied or French could of been. The price of the set will depend whether I bother getting it. Wasn't impressed with the price versus the little boxes for the infantry "disaster/victory" sets. Ok, so they are very niche sculpts, but they were still on the pricey side. Many sellers ended up shaving money off them anyway to get them out the door. So I will see what this set is priced like.

The set I am really wanting to see previews of is the Prussian Landwehr cavalry. I need a few of those guys, but only if the poses are sensible and at the right price.

Re: Hannants future page

Thanks for the note Alan, I had completely missed Andreas' posting of the box art and final figures for this set back on 6th Dec.:

Loads of character and individuality and beaut sculpting. I like them for markers and those little vignette bases on the wargames table. Only 12 figures and 5 horses, so most likely a bit expensive, but nonetheless, a fine, special set and a 'must have' for me!

Regards, James

Re: Hannants future page

I believe it would be a useful "filler" set to add realism or drama to any formation, be it wargame or diorama.

Re: Hannants future page

I liked it as well, I don`t do much with Nappies these days, but it would be a fun set to paint, plus I am supporting the hobby and while our friends in the Ukraine have other priorities at least I feel I am greasing a wheel.