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A Big "Thank You!" to PSR

I don't really know how to express this but to Plastic Soldier Review (PSR), I want to say "Thank You!" for another wonderful year of 1/72 Soft Plastic Figurine coverage in both photos and text. I was just admiring beyond belief their Reviews of Strelets' Bavarian Cuirassiers and Austrian Cuirassiers. The photos of the amazing production quality just takes my breath away. I don't paint my collection and enjoy these amazing pieces of art just as the sculptor intended, even if he wants them painted up.

PSR provides this wonder hobby with their free site. I start every day by simply typing in "Plas" in my browser and their site pops up, I hit Enter and Bingo! - I'm a kid again. My first impression of these new Strelets sets PSR reviewed was, "I've gotta have these in my hands and just enjoy the feel of them." PSR did the most outstanding review of Orion's Polish Winged Hussars and so I bought multiple sets of all the colors they were produced in. I knew nothing of their history but they, too, were just so cool I couldn't pass them up.

So I guess what I'm getting at is, PSR really does help put money into the pockets of Strelets, Orion, RedBox, Mars, and so on by showcasing them for all of us to admire and desire. I like that feeling. What a joy!

So, thank you PSR, and thank you Strelets for giving us joy 365 days a year. And I wish 2023 brings us all something to be grateful for! :wink: :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

Re: A Big "Thank You!" to PSR

Nothing wrong with that, but I think, first and foremost, as it's Strelets' site a big Thank You to our hosts would be in place, not just for supplying PSR (and us) with these wonderful sets and for keeping the hobby alive (together with a few other companies), but especially for keeping the hobby alive under these dire circumstances.

So: Thank you everybody at Strelets, may you and your loved ones at least enjoy a peaceful Xmas and stay healthy and strong!

Re: A Big "Thank You!" to PSR

PSR is a fantastic resource for finding out if a set is worthwhile or value for money. They have helped me decide to purchase a set, & to avoid some too!
That site has cost me money & saved me a few pounds in equal measure!

Strelets is probably the paramount company for plastic injection figures now. I sincerly hope they stay this for many many years to a free and independent Ukraine.

Re: A Big "Thank You!" to PSR

I agree, PSR provides an invaluable service and resource to this hobby of ours. Thank you to all involved.

A big Thank You also to Strelets, for keeping going this year under the most difficult of circumstances. May we wish for Peace and better times in 2023.

Seasonal Best Wishes to all.

Re: A Big "Thank You!" to PSR

I join just to add to my fellow enthusiasts about PSR site that so much joy has given me for many decades.

No other hobby has such a comorehensive catalog so explained. My best wishes for them!!

Merry Christmas for all and my best wishes for ukrainian people and the wish that peace will arrive in 2023.

All the best for Strelets!