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Re: Your favorites

Fun question Kinus!

* Let me say Thank You! to Strelets for producing such a great French Foreign Legion Range. I just love Beau Geste and also the Indo Chine themes.

* Further, Thank You! to Orion for producing such nice WWII Tank Personnel sets. All full-bodies (no half bodies) and nice poses. (1) British Winter Crew, (2) German Panzer Crew. All have unbelievable details and, and, and, for me - each box has 3-5 standing poses that will fit right into the turret's hatches. Thank you, again Orion. Ali Express out of China sells quite a few tanks pre-painted, snap together (good enough for the girls I go with) and all have working turret hatches, inexpensive, so, Orion's sets work great! I'm a toy soldier collector first; not vehicles but building my modest tank with crews collection is a blast and affordable.

* I won't forget to say Thank You! to RedBox for their Boxer Rebellion Range. Always a joy to pull out and play 55 Days at Peking DVD in the background - just to be a kid again.

This just touches the tip of the iceberg, so let me say here - A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Godspeed to Strelets, all producers, their families, pets and friends :smile: :smile_cat: :santa: :dog: :christmas_tree: :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

Re: Your favorites

If I had to be really particular and just choose one or two favourites from the main manufacturers...

Accurate - AWI British inf (perhaps my favourite ever set?)

Airfix - WW1 German inf

Esci - Zulu War British inf

Italeri - AWI Native Americans/Nap Russian grenadiers

Hat - Zulu War British Command

Red Box - Jacobite rebellion British Inf

Revell - TYW artillery/Nap French grenadiers

Strelets - WSS British Inf in advance/WSS French dismounted dragoons

Zvezda - GNW Swedish dragoons

Re: Your favorites

The impressive ever Revell French Grenadiers!

Well contested by the Revell British Llne!

Feliz Navidad!!