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Re: Building Cavalry Groups/Units

In the new year I plan on starting to base some of the battalions so I will try to post pictures then. I have asked for a high quality Static grass applicator for my birthday present in January!! Along with some bags of the said static grass & some tufts. So will have a practise with it & then get started proper.

The main reason I haven't based anything as of yet is I have been trying to find out what terrain/field crop etc each battalion was stood in. Didn't want to put my 42nd Highlanders in a lush green pasture only to find they were stood in a hayfield! Can't be 100% sure obviously, but can at least take an educated guess using what sources are available. Using the time of year to also find out what kind of crops a Belgian farmer may of planted at that time.

Delays in basing also down to redoing some battalions with better figures & retiring some older ones. E.g Airfix/Italeri Highlanders replaced with Strelets firing line & in attack figures.

Just trying to slot it all in when life allows!!