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Re: Your favorites

This is a hard one. I’d have to say Strelets War of 1812 Militia in Winter Dress, RedBox and Mars’s 16th and 17th century ranges have a couple of my favorite sets. And then Strelets WoSS range is full of many favorites as well. Love this hobby.

Re: Your favorites

Strelets Set M105 WWII Early American Soldiers,
Strelets Set M113 Early WWII American Soldiers 2,
Strelets Set M112 WWII US Navy with Anti-Aircraft Machine-Gun

I wanted these sets for decades. Every time I ordered figures since these came out I have purchased a few of them. They are great for World War One to about 1943. The US Navy guys work for an even longer period of time. Some of the Navy guys will get head swaps or body swaps and will fight as far as Vietnam.
My plan is to get a couple thousand of the Army guys.

Revell Set 02502 German Infantry
An excellent set of late war soldiers, a great mix of weapons assault rifles, panzerfaust, and others. I have a large number of them.

Esci Set 202 U.S. Soldiers
Revell Set 02503 US Infantry
If you combine these two sets you get every weapon in a US Army infantry battalion, except the 60mm mortar, HOWEVER, cut the Esci mortor tube in 1/2 and it works very well as a 60mm.

So three Strelets sets, two Revell and one Esci to make up my all time favorite sets. Many other great sets out there and I look forward to getting new figures all the time.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Re: Your favorites

So many but but a few really standout especially those that are no longer available or just a pile of flash.
Revell: Has to be the WW2 the German horse artllery (a long with HaT German WW1/2 horse pulled waggons). Its an out standing set and gives an accurate reprentation of how much the Third reich armies used horse power. The other was their WW1 German set.
Strelet: Two more artilley sets the 9.2" ad the Morse. I still think the figures of the senior staff officier and one of the privates are the best figures Strelet produced especially as they have the ring of "Blackadder IV" about them!
HaT - their best was yet to come the BEF British set - sadly never to appear ....... now Strelets as Shakespeare said " once more into the breach " you could show them how to produce a subject that should never have been ignored!
Airfix: Always had a soft spot for their French WW1 troops - the "experts" rubbish them but they have fond memories along with the inaccurate MkI male tank.

Re: Your favorites

Fun question Kinus!

* Let me say Thank You! to Strelets for producing such a great French Foreign Legion Range. I just love Beau Geste and also the Indo Chine themes.

* Further, Thank You! to Orion for producing such nice WWII Tank Personnel sets. All full-bodies (no half bodies) and nice poses. (1) British Winter Crew, (2) German Panzer Crew. All have unbelievable details and, and, and, for me - each box has 3-5 standing poses that will fit right into the turret's hatches. Thank you, again Orion. Ali Express out of China sells quite a few tanks pre-painted, snap together (good enough for the girls I go with) and all have working turret hatches, inexpensive, so, Orion's sets work great! I'm a toy soldier collector first; not vehicles but building my modest tank with crews collection is a blast and affordable.

* I won't forget to say Thank You! to RedBox for their Boxer Rebellion Range. Always a joy to pull out and play 55 Days at Peking DVD in the background - just to be a kid again.

This just touches the tip of the iceberg, so let me say here - A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Godspeed to Strelets, all producers, their families, pets and friends :smile: :smile_cat: :santa: :dog: :christmas_tree: :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

Re: Your favorites

If I had to be really particular and just choose one or two favourites from the main manufacturers...

Accurate - AWI British inf (perhaps my favourite ever set?)

Airfix - WW1 German inf

Esci - Zulu War British inf

Italeri - AWI Native Americans/Nap Russian grenadiers

Hat - Zulu War British Command

Red Box - Jacobite rebellion British Inf

Revell - TYW artillery/Nap French grenadiers

Strelets - WSS British Inf in advance/WSS French dismounted dragoons

Zvezda - GNW Swedish dragoons

Re: Your favorites

The impressive ever Revell French Grenadiers!

Well contested by the Revell British Llne!

Feliz Navidad!!