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Re: Plastic Soldier Review Looks at new Strelets 1/72 WSS set 257 Austrian Cuirassiers

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Re: Plastic Soldier Review Looks at new Strelets 1/72 WSS set 257 Austrian Cuirassiers

Not my era but yes, the figures do indeed look good. Those helmets still remind me of Cromwell's cavalry. Always like the horses in the WSS cavalry sets too.

Worryingly though I notice the reviews for both the Austrians & Bavarians mention the average height of a figure being 25.5mm.
Thats too big really for 1/72. Would be on the tall side for Napoleonics, let alone early 1700's.
I hope any new Napoleonics or other black powder era sets don't start suffering this ever increasing problem. Manufacturers really shouldn't find themselves suffering from scale creep. If they want to do 28mm then do a range dedicated to it, same goes for 20mm.
It has happened too often in recent years, making some lovely looking sets useless.
Waterloo 1815 Prussian High command & their "light cavalry" French Lancers, Zvezda Saxon Cuirassiers & French Cuirassiers. Then we get into the 2nd generation Italeri sets....

22mm up to 24mm is the threshold I would say for 1/72. Nothing worse than excellent sets being spoiled as they tower over or look like children next to other 1/72 sets.