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Re: New technology for figures in 1/72

3D printed figures seem decent enough, albeit they can be fragile in certain areas such as swords, bayonets etc. But the level of detail is amazing and the faces have good lifelike appearance to them.
I have been buying some from a UK based ebay seller. I have purchased and enjoyed painting both Napoleonic French & British artillery and Dutch/Belgian Carabiniers. Some Hannoverian Infantry too.
The British & French infantry have proportions which may not be to everyones taste, but I have seen worse.
There are some nice wagons too.
I will probably put a order in for some figures from Spiera Miniatures in the new year too. Loads of figures on there I like the look of!

I wouldn't mind getting into 3D printing at some stage myself. I need to do a lot more reading up about it, pros/cons, designing items etc. I can see its uses beyond miniatures. It is certainly an exciting technology.
What we really need is someone to invent the replicators out of Star Trek!!!

Re: New technology for figures in 1/72

I see

Piano wargames

Napoleonic stl


Multi size figures

Re: New technology for figures in 1/72

Thank you for this link..

Really wonderful figures of the napoleonic area..

This figures can be used to represent the units of the German principalities that had sided with Napoleon at the time.

They are slt-print files for 28mm figures, but there is no problem downsizing these files to 1:72 with the printer's software.

In 1:72 they should look fantastic...

Link to the shop:

Re: New technology for figures in 1/72

Yes, they are great.

Re: New technology for figures in 1/72

The post was well-written, providing an in-depth look at the subject matter.

Re: New technology for figures in 1/72

I looking forward to decent ancient figures. There is need for Iberians or decent fighting phalanxes. I would love to create my own. Which 3d printer is usful? Which software is the best choice?

Zvezda created the last batch of their big sets via 3d (spartans for example). I would like to try this myself.

Re: New technology for figures in 1/72


i think the Elegoo Saturn S-Printer would be a good choice if you just want to print small vehicles or soldiers in 1/72-Scale. But the previous models Eleggo Saturn oder the Elegoo MARS are also very good and sufficient devices.

The printers have different sizes and can then also produce larger objects. However, you then have to handle larger quantities of the toxic resin liquid.

You might want to try your first steps with a used Elegoo Mars printer. Such devices can sometimes be found for as little as EUR 80....

But Anycubic also has good printers...

It just depends on what you want to do with them.
Most people eventually buy one of these printers and then use it for a number of years. As such, there are no real comparisons to use as a basis to help you make your choice. Therefore, before you buy a 3D-printer, it is better to read a few test reports and comparisons on the Internet.

And then you have to determine your needs (faster printing, large or small printed parts ??) and choose a device (price / performance).

Re: New technology for figures in 1/72

To create Your own figures You will need software and You have two options:

- Blender: it’s totally free software, but a little bit complicated in the first steps

- Zbrush: it’s more intuitive program and more easier to use then Blender. The unique problem is that You have ti pay 30-40€ monthly for that program. Well taking into account that it’s worth 3-4 sets per months it’s not so much.

Hope this will help.

Kind regards,