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Re: Curassier uniform sources (Right of reply!😂)

Ummmh, just checked again, and yes while the 1st Jyske may actually have had helmets, they did not take part in the WoSS ... could be used for a fictional wargame though or the GNW.

Re: Curassier uniform sources (Right of reply!😂)

True as you say, but as i'm first and foremost a wargamer, if figures look good i'll use them, when first got interested in WSS/GNW period the only figures available were in metal, like Les Higgins, Alberken, Douglas Miniatures, Warrior, Minifigs S range etc but since Strelets and a couple of other makers began producing plastic figures for WSS/GNW , my armies have skyrocketed in numbers :grinning:

another possible use of the cuirassiers see
The Last Ironsides English Expedition to Portugal 1662-1668 by Jonathan Riley published by Helion in UK

cheers Old John
Victory to Ukraine

Re: Curassier uniform sources (Right of reply!😂)

Sigh, I wish someone had produced Ironsides in this quality 20 or 30 years ago. Never materialized. So I sold all my 30years cavalry and switched to 28mm for this period. You can't have everything I guess ...