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Re: The sound of thundering hooves, approaching

Graham A Price
Thanks for the in depth reply there -much appreciated.

I haven’t seen the Osprey but all the sites I could find (not THAT extensive!) did say the lobster pots were only worn in Eastern campaigns. I am wracking my brains to work out why!

That reply has made me much happier.

The Austrian cavalry fought differently in the east. More slow moving, and much more compact, to stop the Ottoman horsemen getting in amongst them. The Ottomans were known to be better fighters and also wore more complete armour, including helmets like lobsters.

It's possible that several units wore them at Blenheim:

For printed sources I have the Marlborough's Army Osprey, Funcken Lace Wars volume 2, and a nifty little book called Uniforms of Marlborough's Wars, illustrated by Lt Col Frank Wilson.

Re: The sound of thundering hooves, approaching

Great link! Many thanks.