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Re: Friday Mail

A wonderful set..

Classic poses, but I think they still sell well...

I would give them a little bit longer legs... :smirk:
Very nice figures, I can see myself finally replacing some of my very old Airfix 'Waterloo' infantry with some of these new figures.

As Gerd notes, the legs do look slightly short, although having said that the average British infantryman of the period was a few inches shorter than today's average. For non-Guards regiments 5 foot 6 inches looks like a good average.

There is some discussion about this at:

All good wishes to all at Strelets, your families and friends.

Re: Friday Mail

Yes, this is true...

In 1815, most people were shorter than today, usually only 165-175 cm.... But the proportions between the upper body and legs don't change.... I learned the 8-zone-rule in drawing classes at school and nothing has really changed about that... :smirk:

Take a look here:

Re: Friday Mail

Spanish Erik
Great work Strelets!
Possible in a future French line and guard firing lines as good as this one?
Yes please!!!

Re: Friday Mail

Just when you thought it was safe to say that you had 'enough' British line...

So far that's only six excellent poses of a (presumably) 10–14, plus command.

Fine work again and astounding to have regular Friday updates. Thank you.

Regards, James