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Re: Hussars

I reckon that the French early war dragoons are close enough. They're what I'm going to use for my Imperialists on the Eastern Front. Jackets are a bit long, but their hats are close enough.

Not in the near future

for obvious reasons.

Re: Not in the near future

Sad ... but understandable. Let's hope for a better future and the safety of all the folks working for Strelets in Ukraine.

Re: Not in the near future

Strelets told us in the past that their WSS sculptor is serving in Ukrainian army, so I assume that until the end is over we will not see any new WSS set.

Re: Not in the near future

some years back BUM/German in Spain produced a couple of Hungarian Hussar sets for their range for WSS in Spain, reasonable figures but material used a little brittle, ok for dioramas but not for wargaming, not sure if these sets still available
i too hops and pray that the terrible times there end in VICTORY for Ukraine and also pray for the safety of there
stay safe, cheers Old John