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Re: Hussars

I would fully endorse such a set as well TK. Unfortunately I feel like Strelets is nearing the end of its WSS series. I have also been hoping for more Austrian reinforcements though given their huge role in the war.

Re: Hussars

Hussars would be great. There weren't many of them outside the Austrian army but at least some in the French and Catalan Army and of course with the Hungarians under Rakoczi.
I' d also love to see some Miquelets or fusiliers de Montagne and some Spanish dragoons or Kuruczs and maybe some generic wagon drivers or civilians carrying stuff or digging trenches.
And perhaps at least one or two bare or bandaged head in a set from time to time ... 😉

Re: Hussars

Dear 'Flambeau',

I have settled on adapting the Revell Prussian Hussars (Seven Years' War) for Rákóczi's cavalry. Leave the pelisses off, cut down the mirelton, add putty for the 'floppy top'/bag, adjust the saddlery.

Hopefully I'll have an example or two to show in a few months...

Regards, James

Re: Hussars

I reckon that the French early war dragoons are close enough. They're what I'm going to use for my Imperialists on the Eastern Front. Jackets are a bit long, but their hats are close enough.

Not in the near future

for obvious reasons.

Re: Not in the near future

Sad ... but understandable. Let's hope for a better future and the safety of all the folks working for Strelets in Ukraine.

Re: Not in the near future

Strelets told us in the past that their WSS sculptor is serving in Ukrainian army, so I assume that until the end is over we will not see any new WSS set.

Re: Not in the near future

some years back BUM/German in Spain produced a couple of Hungarian Hussar sets for their range for WSS in Spain, reasonable figures but material used a little brittle, ok for dioramas but not for wargaming, not sure if these sets still available
i too hops and pray that the terrible times there end in VICTORY for Ukraine and also pray for the safety of there
stay safe, cheers Old John