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Re: Some Highlanders in Square


Thank you for the interesting information about the Highland regiments and their uniforms. It's good that there are so many people on this forum who have a solid knowledge of uniforms.

To be honest..; I have ruined the kilts-painting this time.
There is a green-bluepattern under the big yello stripes..but you cant see it anymore..

Because this yellow stripes should actually be much thinner. The thin paint applied should run into the depressions and I wanted to wipe off the rest.

But sometimes the postman is the undoing...
I had distributed the colors to all the figures when it was dead at the front door. The postman had a package for me and one for the neighbors....when I was back at the crafting table it was too late...everything had already dried... :scream:

Cursing doesn't help... Paint everything again... ?
Then I left it like that.

I'll do better next time...