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Re: Some Highlanders in Square

They look tops Gern. You have a lovely clean, crisp painting style—really well photographed too.

You have painted them as the 42nd with their (later) royal facings, so the musicians are correct as far as I know (I did a quick double check of the images on the centjours website too). Could have some added white lace decoration of sleeves, but that is always tricky to do and such details can end up 'backfiring' in my experience!. Mind you, you have painted that flag so very, very well (or is it printed?)!!

Regards, James

Re: Some Highlanders in Square

Hello James, thank you for your compliments.

I usually paint the flags too. But in this case the details of the flag were so difficult that after two attempts I got frustrated. :confounded:
And ended up cuttinng the original flag and using a paper flag.

When it comes to the musicians' uniforms, I'm never quite sure, because different sources give different information on this.

Also, I'm not very familiar with the Highland regiments. I hope you like them anyway.

Re: Some Highlanders in Square

Try this one:

There's an article by I. H. Mackay Scobie, in the Journal of the Society for army historical research (Vol. 1, No. 2, Dec. 1921, pp. 44-55 on "Highland military dress. He's quite critical of many pictures showing the Highlanders of the period and argues that probably the pictures made by French artists like Vernet during the occupation of Paris are the best source.

Re: Some Highlanders in Square

Hi Gerd
Your Highlanders look great! Capture the look very well.

When it comes to the drummers, for the 42nd, you have the tunic correct. The 79th & 92nd Highlander drummers had their tunic in reverse colours, so basically their facing colours of dark green & yellow respectively.
I assume this applies to pipers as well but I am not 100% sure.

What I will say is the tartan kilt is not quite right for the 42nd. It was a government set pattern which was a dark green & dark blue check pattern with black lines. So quite dark in nature.

The 79th had dark green & dark blue check but with a mix of red & yellow lines.

The 92nd had a more flat green & blue check with just yellow lines.

Another Highland regiment, the 78th Ross-shire, had their drummers tunic in the facing colour of buff, while their tartan was also a green/blue check but with white & red lines.

Hope this is of some help. But dont worry about the drummer you have done, I think any British regiment with some connection to "Royal" in the name, with blue facings kept the tunic as you have done.

Re: Some Highlanders in Square


Thank you for the interesting information about the Highland regiments and their uniforms. It's good that there are so many people on this forum who have a solid knowledge of uniforms.

To be honest..; I have ruined the kilts-painting this time.
There is a green-bluepattern under the big yello stripes..but you cant see it anymore..

Because this yellow stripes should actually be much thinner. The thin paint applied should run into the depressions and I wanted to wipe off the rest.

But sometimes the postman is the undoing...
I had distributed the colors to all the figures when it was dead at the front door. The postman had a package for me and one for the neighbors....when I was back at the crafting table it was too late...everything had already dried... :scream:

Cursing doesn't help... Paint everything again... ?
Then I left it like that.

I'll do better next time...