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i love this hobby

Dear readers:
Allow me to comment on some reflections related to our hobby that I believe may be common to all of us (forgive the boldness).
we love this hobby
We enjoy when we read military history books or specialized magazines (Osprey, Guerreros y Batallas, Wargames Isllustrated etc.ect.)
We enjoy reading wargame rules, some we like more and others less.
We enjoy when we get that new box and check out the soldiers even though we've already seen it twenty times online.
We enjoyed when we painted it more or less well, (my view is not what it was).
We enjoy assembling the table for the battle, placing rivers, houses, trees etc.etc.
We enjoy playing with our children, friends or alone, rolling the dice and rejoicing when the score favors us, or we wince when our favorite battalion breaks on the first play.
Most of us have soldiers to set up a store (many times I tell myself I don't buy anymore), but we continue surfing the internet to see what's new and in the end, sooner or later, temptation overcomes us and we buy again.
I also think that there is a lot of solidarity among those of us who love this hobby, when I browse through pages where the "works" carried out are exposed, (paintings, rivers, houses, land, models, etc.etc.), as well as in different forums, the 99% of the comments are positive and friendly.
Anyway, nothing more, I hope you share at least a little of what has been exposed.
Greetings to all.
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Re: i love this hobby

Well said! Agree 100%!

Re: i love this hobby

Beautifully put Kinus. A wonderful post.

There are so many elements to the hobby to keep us enthralled. I'd like to add one more that I especially enjoy: researching and producing scenarios for tabletop games to gain a better understanding of the historical events.

Regards, James

Re: i love this hobby

Kinus has expressed the lure of the hobby perfectly.

It's artistic, it's competitive, it's social, it's educational.

Is there a better hobby?


Re: i love this hobby

This hobby makes me very happy and read more and more about history. History is very interesting and can make You understand how the world works in some situation and for sure teach us what to avoid in order not to repeat past bad experiences.

I think it’s very complete hobby and not harmful at all. Well only when You spend more that 3 hours per day - my wife sometimes is angry. 😊 have to find an equilibrium for that.

Kind regards,


Re: i love this hobby

I agree Kinus, you have summarised the charms of this hobby very well!

I have been collecting/painting/sometimes wargaming with 1/72 figures for many years now and the attraction of the hobby has remained throughout this time...allowing it has to be said for a 'quiet' period somewhere in the middle of this half century when career, family etc had to take priority. Now that I am retired I have been able resume a constant round of collecting, researching, reading, painting etc etc. Wonderful!

Re: i love this hobby

Totally agree. From Christmas Day 1961 when I woke up to find the Marx "Giant Blue and Gray Battleset" under the tree, I've had a life-long love with the "little guys" and the history they represent that I've never "outgrown."

Re: i love this hobby

Well said Kinus! I have always loved 1/72 scale plastic figures ever since my parents bought for me the ESCI sets of WW2 US and German Soldiers in the early 90's. I was amazed by the lovely detail in such small figures and still am to this day.
I also hope my 2 year old son will be interested in the hobby when he is older so I can share it with him. In any event he'll inherit my collection when I'm gone!

Re: i love this hobby

Well said Kinus. As many others have already stated this is a very complete and well rounded hobby. I absolutely love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

Re: i love this hobby

And not to forget the great fun of collecting!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend