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Re: Napoleonic Wars

Your Eminence

I have loads of those too. The uniforms are unfortunate, but I think what sinks it for me is the silly poses. I was wondering though whether they might do for something South American or Mexican? Or maybe Spanish of some sort?

Respectfully, etc.

Re: Napoleonic Wars

The Pope

I'm cleaning up a bit up to get more storage space.
I found out I have a huge amount of French infantry (Esci and Italeri) which I can't use as French infantry cause the uniform is all wrong (PSR).
I was wondering if they are usable as infantry for other states during the Napoleonic Wars (and if so which period).
The same goes for the French Guard infantry (Esci).
Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.
Your Holiness might wish to reconsider. Yes, PSR are right that the uniforms and other details of these French infantry are mixed up and 'wrong'; but bear in mind what a good coat of paint might do to cover over the flaws of the sculptor. 'Surplus' sabres can be easily trimmed off, drums replaced, long gaiters painted over etc.

You might be surprised how 'good' these might look once you have massed them together. It would, after all, be a Cardinal Sin to consign them to the bin or, worse, to the ranks of the Napoleonic Neapolitan 'army'.

Re: Napoleonic Wars

The Esci/Italeri French Line infantry sets are indeed incorrect for Fusiliers, but they could potentially serve as the 1st Nassau regiment at Waterloo (just paint over the lapels etc). I eventually plan to use them like this if another Nassau set doesn't ever appear.
Also although they lack epaulettes, they could also pose as French Young Guard maybe?

I think I will end up including some in my French army for Waterloo due to a lack of high quality French line infantry in more "active" type poses circa 1813-1815. The HaT Fusiliers look flat, the newer Italeri set is far too chunky for my tastes & mainly that leaves just marching sets from HaT and Waterloo 1815. Don't get me started on the old Airfix French....wierd munchkin men!!!!

As Minuteman suggests, some work with a scalpel and some creativity when painting may help hide some of the issues. In an ideal scenario, someone will bring out a comprehensive set to beat all, that not only has excellent marching, advancing/attacking & firing poses, but also has the correct ratio of fusiliers to flank within the set. Something along the lines of the much better HaT 1805 French in Greatcoats, albeit with a few more active poses and in full uniform rather than greatcoat.

The Esci/Italeri French Guard Grenadiers I don't mind as they are of a similar size and look to Revells excellent French Guards set, but without the greatcoat. So they look like they will blend together well.

Re: Napoleonic Wars

I am glad to know that finding additional storage space is something even Papa has to contend with.

Re: Napoleonic Wars

Hi folks,

Many thanks for the feedback.
Still playing with the idea using the Esci and Italeri line infantry sets as late Saxon infantry.
The Imperial guard infantry (Esci and Airfix) perhaps as Polish grenadiers.

Ah ...the old Airfix French infantry set.......I'm sure that Peter Jackson got his inspiration for the Orcs in LOTR while taking a look at that set.

And yes.......even I have a storage problem.
I gues I'll have to rent another garagebox.

Again many thanks and may the Force be with you (and of course the Lord too).