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Re: Unknown Strelets Highlanders

I am with you Colin. The Crimean figures are really beaut and the format of each figure being an individual provides a heap of interesting and unique poses.

I have several boxes of them to use backwards to Napoleonics (uhlans and Cossacks) and forwards to American Civil War (Zouaves, French infantry (Union chasseurs) and French artillery(Union artillery) as well as Russo-Ottoman War 1877 (Cossacks, uhlans, foot Cossacks/sailors, Sardinians (Romanian chasseurs)).

Regards, James

Re: Unknown Strelets Highlanders

I also agree with you Colin, except in regards to the Russian and British line infantry. I love the foot Cossacks and sailors, and I think the Scots are beautiful as well. In fact the pose of the one Highlander shaking his fist is in my opinion the best 1/72 scale soldier ever made. I even think the Russian Grenadiers are ok. The British and Russian line infantry sets though just seem really clunky and the poses are a bit unatural looking.

Re: Unknown Strelets Highlanders


Re: Unknown Strelets Highlanders

If it would be possible, i like to buy just this new highlanders....

Because i dont need the rest of the big set... :wink:

Re: Unknown Strelets Highlanders

Neither do I. Yet I checked and I understood they are different from those of #279 set…

Re: Unknown Strelets Highlanders

Mi dispiache per mi "Americano" italiano, ma credo che il set sia disponibile a questi link ebay:

Buona fortuna e ciao!


Re: Unknown Strelets Highlanders

These figures were meant to replace the old Strelets Crimean Highlanders as the mould for them had worn out (I think).
Problem was, the sculptor (who I have mentioned problems with in the past), did not pay attention to the topic involved. The bonnet is totally incorrect. The Crimean one was a much more fuller, larger bonnet, as shown on the older figures. Instead one more like that of the earlier Napoleonic period was done.
They also are of a much slender sculpt, which is fine if the entire range is being updated, but doesnt really look right when comparing to the other figures in the Crimean range. They are much chunkier in appearance.

Next issue is if they are more Napoleonic in appearance, could they be used for that timeframe instead?
Nope!! They are incorrect for that era too.
They have sporrans sculpted on, Napoleonic Highlanders did not wear sporrans. So unless you want to go to town on them with a scalpel to remove the sporran, (and thus create a flatspot on the front of the kilt), they are not suitable.

So they are a complete mixup of eras which thus doesnt represent the Highlanders for either conflict. This mess was unforgivable when you consider the box art to the old set and the older figures themselves showed how they should of looked. They were Strelets own figures!!!! They didnt have to go far to look if they weren't sure about the uniform!!!

Either way they are incorrect for Crimea & seeing as we have a much better Strelets set for Napoleonic Highlanders in a firing line, they are practically worthless in my opinion.