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Re: British foot artillery 1815

Look at Wikipedia "Corps of Royal Artillery Drivers" there's a picture by Hamilton-Smith showing them sporting the Tarleton helmet. The Revell Foot Artillery set has them with the Tarleton helmet as well, so I think that's probably correct.

Re: British foot artillery 1815 covers all things 1815

Re: British foot artillery 1815

Hello Phillip,

in the British Foot Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars there was an organizational separation between the "artillery" and the "artillery train" (Corps of drivers).

Only the guns, the limbers and the soldiers who operated them made up the artillery.

The train horses and the drivers or riders, who had to move the cannons over longer distances, belonged to the artillery train. The train had its own uniforms, some of which were similar to cavalry uniforms. As fare as i know they therefore wear the Tarleton helmet, not shakos.

In the British Horse Artillery, however, the drivers were part of the gun crew. But the drivers probably had a slightly different uniform than the gunners. It was not until 1831 that the drivers of the Horse Artillery were given the same jackets as the gunners.

More details here:

The Mont-Saint-Jean-Website shows this on the etat-major-site:

But I'm not an expert on British military history, so my knowledge is certainly not complete. So there are certainly people here in the forum who are even better acquainted with it.

Re: British foot artillery 1815

Irrespective of whether the battery was Foot or Horse Artillery, the drivers were in a separate Corps and wore Tarletons not shakos. To correct myself, battery is a later term - the British had Horse Artillery troops and Foot artillery companies, named after the officer commanding.

Re: British foot artillery 1815

Thats interesting...

Many sources say, that the drivers corps was only supporting the food artillery.

Re: British foot artillery 1815

Wouldn't matter much as to the headgear. The horse artillery had the Tarleton helmet anyways. But the food artillery sounds like an interesting corps, did they shoot bread or cabbages? :smile:

Re: British foot artillery 1815

:bow: :smiling_imp:

Re: British foot artillery 1815

I remember now: Seems the Austrians had them as well. At least they had a limber called "Wurst-Wagon" ... 🌭🍖 ... didn't they fire rotten food into enemy towns during sieges? Very mean tactic already used in medieval times ... 😆☺️🤗

Re: British foot artillery 1815

Pardon me for hi-jacking the threat, but were there any other troops wearing Tarleton helmets in action in 1812-1815 besides those mentioned in this thread and the Light Dragoons in Spain (but not at Waterloo)? Regards, Pa