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Re: Ottomans for Eugene

I got this one on the recommendation of someone who is normally reliable. There is a general problem with Helion as the publisher takes submissions on trust.

Re: Ottomans for Eugene

I researched these regiments for Kronoskaf, the results will be published on their website sooner or later. If you're interested I can post the errors in Mugnai in detail. I suspect that he either doesn't know any German at all or has some very bad sources. As it is the regiments I researched were raised as Dutch in 1706 and went over to into Austrian service after the WoSS, that's why most regimental histories are in German. Besides there's probably a lot of stuff - unpublished - in the Belgian archives. Some however is easily available from the web - if you care to look - and obviously he didn't care very much. So there are a lot of errors in the lineage of these regiments, commanders names etc. actually it's quite a mess and an avoidable one beyond that. As long as he just copies from good sources his work might be okay, but as to this own research I'd rather do my own.

Re: Ottomans for Eugene

Just an example for Mugnai's "research":
In his book "L'esercito imperiale al tempo del Principe Eugenio ... La Fanteria, part 3, Mugnai lists five "Niederländisch Regimenter zu Fuss" raised in 1706 V1) Leopold Philipp Epr. D'Aremberg, V2) Joseph Mar. Lorpin, V3) Florian Fr. von Hartopp, V4) Raimondo Cm. de Sarrablanca, V5) Juan Luis Cm. D'Avila.
Only the first is correct: V1) Leopold-Philippe-Charles-Joseph duc d'Arenberg, duc of Aerschot and Croy. The second "Lorpin" is wrong. The name occurs only in Marlboroughs correspondence, probably corrupted due to a transcription error and should be "Manuel-José de Laspiur, Marquis de Villalta", the third is wrong again, correct is Thomas Dominique de Hartop, the fourth is wrong again, should be F[rancisco] D[omingo] de Salablanca, the last wrong again, should be Don Pedro d'Avila.
Correct names can be found in Baron Guillaume, "Histoire des régiments nationaux des Pays-Bas au service d'Autriche", Bruxelles 1877 and elsewhere.
Uniform description is wrongly given as green coat, cherry red distinctions, probably after Knötel, who alas has it wrong. The regiments of the formation from 1706 to 1712, wore a justaucorps of gray cloth and red linings, kersey trousers and waistcoat, 27 large buttons and 36 small ones (tin), (Cayron, la véritable histoire de Jaques Pastur, p.180, note 27, after: Secrét d'Etat, No. 560).

All researchable without great effort. Finding such errors makes me question the value of the rest of his work. Which of course doesn't mean everything is crap, but it's annoying.

Re: Ottomans for Eugene

Complete bust at Partizan. Not a box of Ottomans in sight, except for a siege mortar.

Off to surf thei nternet.