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Re: Prussians ?

Is ist true ??

This bast..ds are Russians....not Prussians ??? :joy: :wink:

Re: Prussians ?

Nicely done, and clever conversion of the shako!

Re: Prussians ?


I thank you.

Flambeau quickly solved the riddle.
Therefore 100 points go to him..

When I unpacked the set 219 a few months ago, I already had the idea that you could also make some nice Prussians out of it.
But when I had the figures back on the table a few weeks ago, I doubted whether I should work on the beautiful figures with a scalpel.

But I also had quite an aversion to paint Russian soldiers at the time.
So the die was cast... And the scalpel did its job.

A nice guard for Blücher's headquarter.. :smirk:

Re: Prussians ?

Hello i think it's a french box with différent head

Re: Prussians ?

Amazing conversion job with those highlanders :joy: :sweat_smile: