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Re: Prussians ?

Well, as Strelets has not produced any Prussians in overcoats - if I'm not completely mistaken - so he's something else, as are his men, aren't they? Took me some time, as I don't have this set, but I guess I found them. Don't want to spoil the fun for other people, but the set number contains the numbers 1, 9 and 2 - not necessarily in that order ... :wink: and no I won't tell who's the manufacturer ... :smile: But of course he might still be a native Prussian ... just serving in another army ...

Re: Prussians ?

i have several boxes of this set so recognise them, so i think there has been a slight misspelling:sunglasses:

nice simple conversion, nicely painted

Re: Prussians ?

They work well in either role, IMO. I know in the past before we had so many great choices, I painted ESCI Russians to stand in for Prussians. At this scale (IMO), the differences are so minor as to be painted over or just ignored until the real deal came out.

Re: Prussians ?

Is ist true ??

This bast..ds are Russians....not Prussians ??? :joy: :wink:

Re: Prussians ?

Nicely done, and clever conversion of the shako!

Re: Prussians ?


I thank you.

Flambeau quickly solved the riddle.
Therefore 100 points go to him..

When I unpacked the set 219 a few months ago, I already had the idea that you could also make some nice Prussians out of it.
But when I had the figures back on the table a few weeks ago, I doubted whether I should work on the beautiful figures with a scalpel.

But I also had quite an aversion to paint Russian soldiers at the time.
So the die was cast... And the scalpel did its job.

A nice guard for Blücher's headquarter.. :smirk:

Re: Prussians ?

Hello i think it's a french box with différent head

Re: Prussians ?

Amazing conversion job with those highlanders :joy: :sweat_smile: