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Re: Strelets update

Yevgen Chernov
Dear Strelets,

We have not heard from You some days ago.

Hope You are all well!

Kind regards,

Strelets posted this on 4th September.

"Dear Sirs,

we're taking a break in our weekly publications till the end of October.
By that time we will prepare for releases two new sets: 257 & 258.
Also we will re-run few older sets, that have been out-of-stock for a while: М121, M128, M133, 190.

Manufacturing of new moulds for lines, other than WSS, has resumed and, AGW, we hope to come up with several new releases by Christmas.

That's the plan. Hopefully, God won't laugh at us this time, but usual caveats apply."

I know, I miss the Friday updates too!

Re: Strelets update

:cry: :sob:

Re: Strelets update (& Weekly Post Cards to Ukraine)

Re: Weekly Post Cards to Ukraine

Dearest Strelets,

When I was a kid and we all got so busy for whatever reason, it was nice to get and give a short note via post cards just to let each other know we were on each other's minds.

In my case, it's hard to break old habits - you know, that Friday thing! Therefore, until the time is right for you to write again, please know that we all here on your Strelets Forum are thinking of all you guys, your families, pets and friends! Please pass this on to everyone from your Forum Family if and when you have the opportunity.

Godspeed to all of you in our hearts and on our minds - GC