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Re: The Emperor's Service Squadrons


You can buy the Franznap carriage and there is a 3d printed option here:

Re: The Emperor's Service Squadrons

Thank you for the tip...

I'll take a closer look at both models and ask about the price there.

I've been looking for it for a long time, but never found anything that came close to the original.

Great. Thank you very much :bow:

Re: The Emperor's Service Squadrons

[I went to comment on your blog, but these must be a 'coming attraction'?! :) ]

Absolutely sensational and stunning! A sheer delight to view, over and over.

Regards, James

Re: The Emperor's Service Squadrons

Mon General,

Absolutely beautiful Cavalries! And your Carriage is a masterpiece, also. Thank you for posting so many close-ups of your soldiers directly to the Forum. It is relaxing and enjoyable to come back to and admire time and time again refilling my coffee cup so many times! It is "Time well spent"