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Re: Halkett's Brigade

Awesome; simply awesome! Seeing Scarlet Red in square formation on one of those rainy days in my school day's library is one of my earliest memories that absolutely hooked me on this hobby. Thank you, General Picton, so much for sharing your wonderful pictures of your amazing work!

P.S. Just love your Blog! Those close-ups really show what I'm talking about above. Thank you again for both posting to this Form and your link to your Blog. So much fun and - "I'll be back!"

Re: Halkett's Brigade

Now that is what a British square - or in this case, squares - should look like! Superb and meticulous work reflected in these wonderfully inspiring images.

Re: Halkett's Brigade


Re: Halkett's Brigade

Absolutely beautiful work. Captures the essence of a British square very well.
Hopefully Strelets gets the chance to release their British in square figures to add to whats available to make such masterpieces.
The 3D print Spiera figures seem to blend in nicely too.

Re: Halkett's Brigade

Wow, impressed.

Re: Halkett's Brigade

I can only add my admiration and kudos!

Re: Halkett's Brigade

Hello General Picton,

I've been on vacation for a few days so I only saw your post today.

I hadn't heard from your Syborne Project for a long time. Actually, I had understood that the project would be finished with the exhibition of the two components (Plancenoit + Hougoumont).
It is therefore a great pleasure that I see that it will be continued.

The British squares look wonderful. By using so many different figures, the units look very varied and realistic.

Great work... superbly done..

I'm excited :astonished:

Re: Halkett's Brigade

Thanks very much Gerd! we were taking a break, but we've really only just got started.