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Re: Favorite Strelets Set of All Time?

I think most of the WSS sets are excellent. My favourite would possibly be the British infantry in advance though.

Special mention though to the original Boer set-very chunky, but full of character and generally a 'fun' set.

Re: Favorite Strelets Set of All Time?

Set 115 Lawrence of Arabia (my favourite among many others, especially middle ages, ww1, colonial era and ACW)

Re: Favorite Strelets Set of All Time?

Easily 106 Early French Carabiniers, for me.

Powerful men on big horses with bearskins, my favourite style of cavalry. The figures are great for the topic 'as advertised' but also the best figures in the scale for Grenadiers a cheval and Gendarmes d'Elite (horse swaps for the former and a little bit of knife-putty work on the bearskin chords and aiguillettes if you really feel the need).

Secondly, since we always answer questions like this with more than we are asked for (!), any of the French cuirassier sets, 'cause they are my second favourite Napoleonic cavalry. All big, powerful figures on big horses.

084 Borodino, gorgeous, 'at-rest' cuirassier figures;
089 French Cuirassiers in Winter Dress which can be either cuirassiers or (half of them at least) dragoons in cloaks. I really like the rolled flag too.
094 French Cuirassiers (Summer Dress), which I really like for winter due to the tattered flag and poses that are perfect for charging through the snow at Eylau;
105 French Cuirassiers in Attack, dynamic, attacking figures.



Re: Favorite Strelets Set of All Time?

Make that another who likes the older sets of Napoleonic French Cuirassiers.

My top 10 Napoleonics from Strelets would be.....

1: French Cuirassiers in attack
2: French Cuirassiers summer dress
3: British Infantry in attack
4: Highlanders in attack
5: Bavarians in attack
6: Prussians Marching/shoulder arms
7: Highlanders in firing line
8: Highlanders in square
9: Austrian Uhlans (Troopers only)
10: Prussian Uhlans (Troopers only)

The Highland infantry firing/in square would be great but they are let down by the forage caps and not having enough kneeling-defending poses in the in square set, as opposed to having some odd bayoneting poses for those standing in square.

The Uhlans would of been much higher on the list but some excellent trooper figures are let down by the quite poor horses.

Another excellent set is the new Russian Jager in summer dress.

Re: Favorite Strelets Set of All Time?

Personally love all the WSS stuff but particularly like the dismounted French Sragoons. Conversely, real shame about the French Infantry firing line… poor weaponry does it down.

Re: Favorite Strelets Set of All Time?

I saw Babylonians post before anyone had replied, a favourite did not spring to mind and still does not. My favourite Airfix set has changed over time, from a Wow how good, to the ones most nostalgic to me. The LRDG/SAS sets probably because I campaigned for them, they fill a big hole and not least they are very good. But there are others that are nostalgic ,as mentioned already the Boer war original British infantry , the Anglo Saxon sets etc etc. Ask me again in fifty years and no doubt all of that will change just like it has with Airfix.

Re: Favorite Strelets Set of All Time?

Probably my favorite Strelets set is also my first one, the Crimean War French Light Infantry. I liked the all unique poses and the real character that the figures had. I was also happy to finally see some new Crimean War figures besides the ESCI/Italeri sets, and went on to buy most of the Strelets Crimean range.
Additionally, I also love the Strelets FFL sets, both for the colonial period and WW2. It was so nice to see this unit get more coverage in the hobby.

Re: Favorite Strelets Set of All Time?

The two WWII Early War US Infantry sets. I got a lot of them and every time I get a chance I buy some more of them. I can't get enough. They are superb. The standing soldier with Montana Peak Hat firing his M1911 Colt .45 pistol is one of my favorites of all time. And the kneeling solider firing the M1919 Browning water cooled .30 caliber machine gun, in one piece! Such engineering!

Could be my favorite troops in my whole collection. I give honorable mention to the US Navy sailors for the early war period as well.

Can't wait for the new WWII US Army early war set to come out. Already saving up!

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Re: Favorite Strelets Set of All Time?

My favorites are the new Boer war skirmishing British M133 and the old Boers 056.
Waiting for a chance to grab a second pack of both