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Re: Strelets sets

Does that mean that the masters for the Napoleonic British in square are gone/unfinished or do you have them and are just awaiting the chance to produce them? Just asking so can plan accordingly. If they are still planned to be made, I will happily wait for them. If not & the set is cancelled, then alas I may need to look elsewhere.

Hopefully all associated with the company are doing ok, as best as can be expected in current circumstances. While a massive problem for Strelets, the freedom and safety of Ukraine & its people, takes priority at this time.

With any luck the sculptors can be contacted and will still be prepared to make masters for you, if not, I wish them well and wish you the best in finding replacement sculptors. There must be somebody out there who would be interested.

All the best

Re: Strelets sets

If Strelets have not released them in 7 months (since the war began) then I do not think they were finished. Let’s hope when the war is over then the process can continue.

Wish You the best, Strelets team!

Re: Strelets sets

These are sad times. Let us hope they are over soon. Digging trenches and shooting on opposing poor guys is no pleasant occupation in reality. Let us all hope everybody can return to his pre war work (except those warhawks).

Re: Strelets sets

It's a nice surprise to connect a name, a face, and a story with one of the sculptors whose work I so greatly admire.

I have to agree that he should be pulled out of the trenches for the greater good. As an extremely gifted artist, his sculpturing work is so much more important for humanity than being a living target for autonomic drones and loitering ammunition that are programmed to kill human beings without mercy.

May Strelets get his sculptors back unharmed, and may this horrible war be resolved peacefully in the near future.