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Re: Plains Indian Wars

What a small world it is Babylonian. Montana is really home to some beautiful country! I will say though I think western interests/history may be be trending in the right direction once more. Thousands of tourists pour through the area every year, and the University I attend in Missoula has added many western/Montana history classes. One of my professors is currently working on a Planes Indian War course right now, it’ll be interesting to see if he is able to offer it next semester or not. Granted I live in an area where this is all considered local history, but the interest definitely seems to be there. If we’re being honest though when Strelets makes good figures people will buy them. I’ve currently bought 20+ boxes of WSS figures yet I’d never even heard of the war before Strelets announced the range. The figures were beautifully sculpted though and I couldn’t resist. I feel like that’d be the case for the Plains Wars and any other range that Strelets might produce.

Re: Plains Indian Wars

Apaches! And Set II of Cavalry!

* The hobby needs a good Strelets Quality set of Apaches. Both Mounted and Dismounted.

* And a Set II of Indian Wars U.S. Cavalry. Actually, for Custer's Last Stand theme would be awesome.

* Note to Streelets - The ACW U.S. Cavalry is great! Still, it is actually designed for ACW. Thank you, thank you! :wink:

Godspeed to everyone - GC

Re: Plains Indian Wars

Some Apache’s would be amazing. There’s already plenty of good sets of plains Indians available, but the southwest is definitely lacking. I think you could cover the Cavalry is 3-4 sets.

*dismounted skirmish line
*Mounted skirmishing
*On the march
*Close quarters/Hand to hand combat

Re: Plains Indian Wars

Yes, I love your suggestions for more US Cav sets, especially the dismounted firing line and the hand to hand / close combat set. I would add that a "camp" set like the old Atlantic one (or Strelets recent FFL at Rest set) would also be great.

Some Mexican sets would be nice too, with some sombreros.

Maybe one day....

Re: Plains Indian Wars

That is good to hear! Yeah I hope that trend continues as well. :smile: