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Re: Plains Indian Wars

Hi Asher,

In case you didn't check this already, PSR made a good list:

Btw I too wish for good US 7th Cavalry sets (in the style of classic Airfix 1/32 done in 1/72)...

Re: Plains Indian Wars

Some may remember that many of us who visit this website have begged for more figures from this western epoch. IMHO, the Nexus and Atlantic figures (some reissued by Waterloo) are actually embarassingly bad. The Airfix and later Atlantic figures are better, but still far from accurate. I believe that the Strelets set of U. S. Cavalry is by far the best, but good luck finding that anywhere. I have had better luck finding the old Gulliver Confederate cavalry. Strelets have far more serious problems of their own to deal with, and so I am not holding my breath waiting for western wishes to be granted....I am actually in awe of last Friday's proposed WSS set. I don't know how they do it. Perhaps, after they finish kicking Putin's butt, we can get back to pestering them for new sets in different time periods. The American west is a favorite hope of mine. Good luck up there in Montana!

Re: Plains Indian Wars

Here is what works for me:

* Strelets U.S. Plains Cavalry - Has got some great shooting with Carbines from horse poses and an Apache Scout.

* Strelets Civil War - Commanders with Custer and Sheriden, both mounted and foot sets.

* Airfix U.S. Cavalry - Great Casualty poses and prone horse with firing from behind it.

* Strelets Civil War Cavalry - Set includes mounted and dismounted.

* Note - All sets above can be bought in Mid-Blue soft plastic for guys like me who don't paint. Further, hopefully someday Strelets can make a couple of great sets like the Airfix 1/32 set, and Britains great Mounted and Dismounted sets. Here's to hoping!

Re: Plains Indian Wars

Thanks for the responses everyone. It seems my fears have come true and that I must do what you all have before: simply make due. The Strelets cavalry in skirmish will be a for sure pickup as will the Waterloo 1815 set. The problem with the italeri and other civil war Cavalry sets is that the troopers all wear Kepi’s and many have sabers drawn. And yes Chris the one set Strelets did produce way back is next to impossible to find, and given the current circumstances I don’t except anything from them anytime in the near future. I’m also having the same issue with the old Airfix set Garrison. Can’t seem to find it anywhere

Re: Plains Indian Wars

It is one of the hobbies mysteries as to why given how good the Airfix 1/32 sets are why nobody has just replicated them in 1/72 . I would buy them in a heart beat and probably most in our hobby. Political correctness probably plays a part given how Hollywood in particular has historically portrayed native Americans , But we have Romans and all that goes with them etc, so why not plains war Cavalry and Plains Indians.

Re: Plains Indian Wars

My oh my, what are the chances? I grew up at that very same Big Hole battlefield with my parents working there. Used to walk down to the tipis and up to the Siege area all the time. Now living and working in Berlin, Germany/Deutschland, but still happy to have grown up there. :sunglasses:

To give a perspective on your query Alan, U.S. Western history is sadly just not as popular as it used to be even within the USA. The education in eastern states in particular tend to focus almost exclusively on the US Civil War and 'D-Day to Bulge' WWII these days (most of my courses even skimmed over the AWI, unlike some places in W. Europe where it is often taught as a French Revolution prologue), and what is left tends to focus more on the various cultures out there more than the US Army's actions. Even Custer is hardly ever mentioned in many places. But archaeologists are still working out there and the trend may change in the future, so will see what happens.

Re: Plains Indian Wars

What a small world it is Babylonian. Montana is really home to some beautiful country! I will say though I think western interests/history may be be trending in the right direction once more. Thousands of tourists pour through the area every year, and the University I attend in Missoula has added many western/Montana history classes. One of my professors is currently working on a Planes Indian War course right now, it’ll be interesting to see if he is able to offer it next semester or not. Granted I live in an area where this is all considered local history, but the interest definitely seems to be there. If we’re being honest though when Strelets makes good figures people will buy them. I’ve currently bought 20+ boxes of WSS figures yet I’d never even heard of the war before Strelets announced the range. The figures were beautifully sculpted though and I couldn’t resist. I feel like that’d be the case for the Plains Wars and any other range that Strelets might produce.

Re: Plains Indian Wars

Apaches! And Set II of Cavalry!

* The hobby needs a good Strelets Quality set of Apaches. Both Mounted and Dismounted.

* And a Set II of Indian Wars U.S. Cavalry. Actually, for Custer's Last Stand theme would be awesome.

* Note to Streelets - The ACW U.S. Cavalry is great! Still, it is actually designed for ACW. Thank you, thank you! :wink:

Godspeed to everyone - GC

Re: Plains Indian Wars

Some Apache’s would be amazing. There’s already plenty of good sets of plains Indians available, but the southwest is definitely lacking. I think you could cover the Cavalry is 3-4 sets.

*dismounted skirmish line
*Mounted skirmishing
*On the march
*Close quarters/Hand to hand combat

Re: Plains Indian Wars

Yes, I love your suggestions for more US Cav sets, especially the dismounted firing line and the hand to hand / close combat set. I would add that a "camp" set like the old Atlantic one (or Strelets recent FFL at Rest set) would also be great.

Some Mexican sets would be nice too, with some sombreros.

Maybe one day....

Re: Plains Indian Wars

That is good to hear! Yeah I hope that trend continues as well. :smile: