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Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

Super interesting history Josep. I enjoyed reading your passage and even went to do some more extensive research on it myself afterwards. I would also support the inclusions of such figures in the future

Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

this period of WSS in Spain is fascinating to me too, some years back BUM Figures in Spain made a lot of sets for the period, in resin, as well as some terrain sets for Siege of Barcelona, recently Minarion Miniatures also in Spain has producing some nice figures in metal inc Miqulets also Hagen Miniatures in Germany also has metal figures available

Pinterest had some good uniform plates, i'll try and find links and post them here

Almena publishers in Madrid has some good titles in Guerreros Y Batallas series

there was available resources from The Catalan Wargames Resource by Lluis Vilalta
God Save Catalonia, Urn of Honor, Catalonia Stands Alone, not sure if still available

2 books by Nick Dorell could be useful , "Marlborough's Other Army published by Helion Books in UK, and Marlborough's Last Chane in Spain 1710 campaign

have got other sources so if wanted please just ask

may Strelets team and their families stay safe in these terrible times there and be able to continue producing all the fabulous WSS sets

cheers Old John

Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714


suggested books
No Peace Without Spain by J.a.c. Hugill
The First Peninsular War 1702 -1713 by David Francis
The War of Succession in Spain 1700-1715 by Henry Kamen

Armies of Spain 1701-1715 by C A Sapherson
Spanish Army of Philip V by James Hinds (Editions Brokaw 2nd edition)

Portuguese Army in WSS 1704 - 1715 by Pat Condray (Editions Brokaw)

hope thees help
stay safe
cheers Old John