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WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

Good morning, first of all, I want to excuse myself, I do not speak English and this is the reason why I am using the Google translator.

The next thing is to introduce myself, My name is Josep and I am Catalan from Barcelona.

The WSS is a very important part of the idiosyncrasy of the Catalan people. Catalonia's national day is September 11, which

commemorates September 11, 1714, the day that the defenders of Barcelona had to capitulate, before the Bourbon troops Franco-Spanish, commanded by the Duke of Berwick.
After the Treaty of Ultrecht on July 13, 1714, the allied countries of the Because of the Haussburg, they abandoned the fight leaving the Aragonese, Catalans and Valencians alone before the Bourbon army.

Aragon and Valencia fell, men who did not want to capitulate took refuge in Barcelona and together with the Catalan army more
some individual from the Austrian army, who did not abide by the withdrawal orders, formed the defense of Barcelona.
The Catalan army was formed by the Coronela de Barcelona regiment, it was part of the regular army, being a national guard
uniformed and well equipped with weapons of the time. was made up of companies formed with trade unions, having
the advantage that its elements knew each other. The rest of the Catalan defenders were made up of "los Miquelets", irregular
who came from other areas of Catalonia, basically from the countryside and the mountains, constituted light infantry that acted insmall groups, harassing Bourbon logistics, their movement of troops and Catalan collaborators. Many of these elements managed to circumvent the siege of Barcelona and become part of the defense of the Capital of Catalonia.

The siege began on July 25, 1713 and ended on September 11, 1714, it was started by 40,000 Bourbon troops at

command of the Duke of Popolí, during the siege and due to the delay in his objectives, he was replaced by the Duke of Berwick who

Interestingly, he was the nephew of the Duke of Malborough.
I'm sorry I took so long

That said, I miss (French sappers, Bourbon siege artillery, and Catalan irregulars "Miquelets"), if anyone has
interest, look for information on the battle of talamanca.

In any case, my favorite period is the first half of the 20th century, I also miss the Turkish infantry of Gallipoli and
Spaniards of the Rif War (Annual disaster).

Japanese and US Marines (WWII initials) are also expected. (but with more springfields and no M1 garand)

and above all Greetings to all, especially the Strelets team, may this madness end, and may peace return,

Sincerely .

Josep Maria Claravalls

Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

Good post Josep. Thank you for this information. I have just read a book (English) on the WSS which talks a lot about the Iberian campaign but the Iberian element of the war is often ( and unaccountably) underplayed/ignored for the German phases. I am sure Strelets will ensure the Spanish Army are represented in their range.

The war must be one of the most needless ever. The aims could all have been easily attained by diplomacy and of course, the European civilian population suffered most, but the Spanish population more than most. Current events only demonstrate the truth that the innocent are the worst victims.

Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

Well said Graham and I do agree that we might need some Miquelets. When it comes to suffering, without wanting to downplay the misery the war brought upon Spain and especially Catalonia, I nevertheless think that Flanders suffered the most. Most of the war was fought there, the "petit guerre" with countless raids, looting, forced labor by civilians employed in the numerous sieges plus the famine of 1708-09 brought these lands to ruin. And let's not forget that the Nine Years War was just a few years over when the the WoSS started.

Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

Buen post Josep. Gracias por esta información. Acabo de leer un libro (inglés) sobre WSS que habla mucho sobre la campaña ibérica, pero el elemento ibérico de la guerra a menudo (e inexplicablemente) se subestima/ignora en las fases alemanas. Estoy seguro de que Strelets se asegurará de que el ejército español esté representado en su gama.

La guerra debe ser una de las más innecesarias de la historia. Todos los objetivos podrían haber sido alcanzados fácilmente por la diplomacia y, por supuesto, la población civil europea fue la que más sufrió, pero la población española más que la mayoría. Los acontecimientos actuales solo demuestran la verdad de que los inocentes son las peores víctimas.

(Likewise via Google translate, apologies for inaccuracy)

Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

Super interesting history Josep. I enjoyed reading your passage and even went to do some more extensive research on it myself afterwards. I would also support the inclusions of such figures in the future

Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

this period of WSS in Spain is fascinating to me too, some years back BUM Figures in Spain made a lot of sets for the period, in resin, as well as some terrain sets for Siege of Barcelona, recently Minarion Miniatures also in Spain has producing some nice figures in metal inc Miqulets also Hagen Miniatures in Germany also has metal figures available

Pinterest had some good uniform plates, i'll try and find links and post them here

Almena publishers in Madrid has some good titles in Guerreros Y Batallas series

there was available resources from The Catalan Wargames Resource by Lluis Vilalta
God Save Catalonia, Urn of Honor, Catalonia Stands Alone, not sure if still available

2 books by Nick Dorell could be useful , "Marlborough's Other Army published by Helion Books in UK, and Marlborough's Last Chane in Spain 1710 campaign

have got other sources so if wanted please just ask

may Strelets team and their families stay safe in these terrible times there and be able to continue producing all the fabulous WSS sets

cheers Old John

Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714


suggested books
No Peace Without Spain by J.a.c. Hugill
The First Peninsular War 1702 -1713 by David Francis
The War of Succession in Spain 1700-1715 by Henry Kamen

Armies of Spain 1701-1715 by C A Sapherson
Spanish Army of Philip V by James Hinds (Editions Brokaw 2nd edition)

Portuguese Army in WSS 1704 - 1715 by Pat Condray (Editions Brokaw)

hope thees help
stay safe
cheers Old John