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WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

Good morning, first of all, I want to excuse myself, I do not speak English and this is the reason why I am using the Google translator.

The next thing is to introduce myself. My name is Josep and I am Catalan from Barcelona.

The WSS is a very important part of the idiosyncrasy of the Catalan people. Catalonia's national day is September 11, which

commemorates September 11, 1714, the day that the defenders of Barcelona had to capitulate, before the Bourbon troops
small groups, harassing Bourbon logistics, their movement of troops and Catalan collaborators. Many of these

elements managed to circumvent the siege of Barcelona and become part of the defense of the Capital of Catalonia.

The siege began on July 25, 1713 and ended on September 11, 1714, it was started by 40,000 Bourbon troops at

command of the Duke of Popolí, during the siege and due to the delay in his objectives, he was replaced by the Duke of Berwick who

Interestingly, he was the nephew of the Duke of Malborough.

I'm sorry I took so long
That said, I miss (French sappers, Bourbon siege artillery, and Catalan irregulars "Miquelets"), if anyone has

interest, look for information on the battle of talamanca.

In any case, my favorite period is the first half of the 20th century, I also miss the Turkish infantry of Gallipoli and

Spaniards of the Rif War (Annual disaster).

Japanese and US Marines (WWII initials) are also expected. (but with more springfields and no M1 garand)

and above all Greetings to all, especially the Strelets team, may this madness end, and may peace return,

Sincerely .

Josep Maria Claravalls

Re: WSS end of the conflict in Barcelona 1714

check this

cheers Old John