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Re: Just checked and it`s definitely Friday.

:wink: :laughing: :cactus: :palm_tree: :sunny: :fire: :desert:

Who said that it's not Friday?

Best regards,


Re: Who said that it's not Friday?

Dear Yuri/Strelets,


It's a Sunday morning delight here!

Like others, I am sure, I have been checking off and on since Friday morning to see if we had a bit of weekly joy from you. You have not disappointed!

Once again, it's fabulous to see another bit of progress with one of these several sets of gorgeous cuirassiers. They have translated so well from masters to test sprue. Fantastic. I reckon that they will be in high demand once they get to the stage of being released.

Thank you and all the best to one and all at Strelets. May it end soon...


Re: Who said that it's not Friday?

Has anybody said before that this sculptor is a genius??

Well done Strelets!!

All the best!


Re: Who said that it's not Friday?

Pure delight! Who cares about fridays as long as we get these small masterpieces every so often! Keep going on and stay safe!

Re: Who said that it's not Friday?

Mot deserty at all...................

Re: Who said that it's not Friday?

:wink: In almost the whole of Europe, we are facing a dry spell....... That at least sounds desertly, doesn't it?

Re: Who said that it's not Friday?

I fully understand the frustration of all collectors interested in other periods, especially as we haven't heard or seen any stuff aside from WoSS from Strelet's for quite some time. But in times like these I'm content with anything we get and actually even a bit afraid to ask about the other sculptor(s). Let's just hope they are well and able to continue at some point in the future.

Re: Who said that it's not Friday?

I’ve been looking forward to this particular set for such a long time now. Seeing them in the flesh is absolutely phenomenal! Hopefully they can be released soon as well. Well done Strelets

Re: Who said that it's not Friday?

This set is "Magnificent!" Both sculpting and casting in an awesome flat blue that shows all of the details perfectly. This one will go into my collection ASAP!

Godspeed to Everyone - GC