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"I expect there is no answer to this but I’ll ask anyway: is there any timeline for release"

Dear James,

alas, the only answer to questions of this kind is:
If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.

Best regards,


Re: "I expect there is no answer to this but I’ll ask anyway: is there any timeline for release"

Very good. Wit in the face of adversity. I like it!!

Warm regards to youse all, James

Re: Friday Post

Writing from Spain, is there any plan to produce Spanish troops for the War of the SPANISH Succession?

Regards, and stay safe.

Re: Friday Post

A couple weeks back Strelets announced a set of Spanish Bourbon infantry in square. I do believe that’s the only set currently announced however. With that being said this set of Dutch looks great! I feel for those of you that don’t collect this range, but I’m loving all these WoSS sets!

Re: Friday Post

These look superb. The poses are just right for a firing line operating the platoon-fire system used by the Dutch, British and other Allies at this time. The uniforms have a very good period feel, and the command figures are excellent. Well done!

Let us hope now that there will be sufficient 'normal' circumstances - may be pray even for peace - to allow this set to be produced.

Re: Friday Post

I love the figures leaning in to the firing pose.
Please stay safe.

Re: Friday Post

This has the potential to be the best set of figures for a pre-1783 era ever produced. Simply wonderful.

Re: Friday Post

There are wonderful sculpted dutch soldiers indeed, but they wear unfortunatly like most former infantry troops the formal tricorne - so only useful for the later war. It´s a pity that they are missing the earlier informal tricornes, which would have been very useful for earilier conflicts with Louis XIV too. The dutch republic was one of the last nations which introduced formal tricornes.
There are nevertheless a pretty gain.

Re: Friday Post

Dearest Strelets Team,

Once again, your Post Cards From Ukraine are the highlight of my weekend. The act of your posting images of future figurines is evidence of your strength of will. And that inspires me.

By the way, I did go to Private School with all my buddies. I know I gave God a good laugh many a time without ever trying with all my excuses. And even after graduation, as I've muddled through my life's plans, He just keeps laughing and laughing at me. At the end of the day, I laugh with Him, but never give up. Thank you, Strelets Team, for your inspirations! :wink:


Re: Friday Post

WOW, WOW, WOW}:-)) You folks are absolutely amazing....and brave beyond anything. My absolute respect.