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Desperately needed Austro - Hungarian with shako.

Dear all,
As we sadly know, the famous manufacturer beginning with not giving any sign of life any longer about its already designed and promised, future products, .
Speaking with an Italian model soldier dealer, well aware of what is ongoing inside H..., I've learned that this manufacturer is not interested at all in investing on new sets, preferring to capitalize on what already exist. This is why the long list of H.... projects will never see the light of the day.
I'm sorry to repeat my request to Strelets again and again: the Nap enthusiasts really need the Austro-Hungarian infantry with shako (post 1809). There is no need to have many poses: it would be sufficient one single set including the most useful poses; what is important is the accuracy of the uniform. I think that in this very moment, Strelets is the only producer in the position of implementing this project. And I'm sure it will be a best selling set.

Looking forward to your kind answer I take the occasion to renew my best regards.

Gio. Varese (Genoa-Italy)

Re: Desperately needed Austro - Hungarian with shako.

Agreed. I would add to that some Austrians in helmets too, as I don't think the set from said company beginning with "H" is overly brilliant. They are a bit "pot-bellied" and a tad tall, not fitting in well with other Austrians in the range.

But this is of course a idea for a future time as real world matters take priority.

Re: Desperately needed Austro - Hungarian with shako.

Dear Roger,
Thanks for your endorsement to my proposal. It would by nice and interesting to have a reaction of Strelets's Admin. and other Nap's period enthusiasts, to this suggestion.