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Any suggestions please?

Painted some dismounted French dragoons. Reasonable job, then varnished them with Matt clear varnish… but it seems to have dried gloss.

A repainting made no difference!

Any suggestions to try to rectify this?


Re: Any suggestions please?

Maybe a solution for your problem:

Re: Any suggestions please?

Army painter do a back to matt or something of that name, it has always worked for me.

Re: Any suggestions please?

Thank you both!

Re: Any suggestions please?

I've used a clear matte acrylic sealant spray sealant (or flat) to seal my paint (test the brand as some leave a type of film - the best I've found is Plaid Patricia Nimmock's for paintings). I've also used the spray on glossy figures to tone them down with some good results.

Re: Any suggestions please?

Thanks to you all! I have managed to fix the issue with your tips.

Note to self, Citadel ‘Lamium medium’ dries gloss. Stir Matt enamel before use and preferably, spray Matt on completed figures!

Really appreciate the help.

Now.. it’s Friday. What are we going to get today. Nothing sandy for me! I am greedy for more WSS!!!