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Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

I´m member of the 5th Prussian Brigade since many years and still have all my gear.
But for health reasons I can no longer manage the long marches with luggage, gun and equipment.

But in the 15 years that I have been actively involved, we have been able to locate many historical sources. From this we were able to gain a lot of information, some of which was completely new, about the uniform, the equipment and the implementation of battle formations of prussian units.

We have published much of this information on our website.

You can take a look there (

But most of the texts are written in German.

Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

Interesting site, thanks Gerd!

Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

My last great reenactment-event..: :worried:

Waterloo-Project 2015:

Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

Wow, that must have been an incredible event! Great pictures, very evocative! It’s a shame you can no longer march with your comrades.

Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

If I may cut in here, thank you for the links. If text, my MSN software automatically asks me if I want to translate, so text translation is easy. Links to the Waterloo Re-enactment are just as is -authentic and amazing. Thank you everyone. So enjoyable with one or even two cups of coffee! - GC

Re: Prussian Landwehr in sqaure

I am pleased that this insight into the world of the Prussian Landwehr gave you some pleasure.

It was a wonderful time...

But I've made the decision that it's over for me.

Because everything has its time..