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Re: Current Projects


I finished painting a STRELETS set a few weeks ago and created some pictures for the contribution page. I sent these pictures to STRELETS, like the years before... But they never replied and didn't publish the pictures either. So I think they have more important things to do these days (including protecting their lives and defending their country). That's why I tried to show a few new projects in the forum through my photo posts.

I'm in the process of painting some cavalrymen from the American Civil War. I need them to create another scene.

I also have to finish painting some Napoleonic cavalrymen.

But yesterday we had 39.5 degrees i don't feel like painting figures.. :sweat_smile: :sweat:

Re: Current Projects

Basing up my Napoleonic Wurttemberg Division....just a few command bases to finish off.

Best regards,

Re: Current Projects

Currently painting some WWII French, some HYW to be able to field a couple of retinues for Lion Rampant - sadly none of these Strelets. Have an ongoing project of painting medieval civilians many of which are Strelets which I do as and when.

Re: Current Projects

I’ve just temporarily stepped out of 1/72 scale to tackle Perry miniatures allied cavalry.
Unhappily my rubbish painting skills are even more visible on the larger figures but I’m quiet and content and out of the blazing heat.☀️😎

Re: Current Projects

In these hot weeks I can not paint small things and then I try to make a career armed and tanks one after the other ... KV2, Turan ll, SPA Viberti, Lorraine and Laffly, Gaz truck and many more...