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Re: What's there ahead of us?

Great and wonderful!
It´s always a pleasure to receive a life sign from Strelets, especially on the matter WSS.

Hope that the Strelet team is so safe as possible in these times and won´t loose its incredible strenghts.
Hope too that this terrible war will end soon.

Re: What's there ahead of us?

Can’t get enough of this new artwork! Absolutely beautiful. Bravo Strelets. Can’t wait for these sets to come out

Re: What's there ahead of us?

Heros! That's who you are Strelets Team - Heros. Citizen Soldiers and still on a weekly basis you never fail to give us your Post Cards from Ukraine. That is the definition of Heroic Efforts in the Maximum. In the face of everything, you spread joy, happiness, and anticipation on a global basis. I'm so humbled. Thank you, Strelets Team!