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Re: 1/72 scale miniatures market

Strelets, I am sorry to hear that your brilliant sculptor, and that you yourself, are in the way of danger. That is a cold bucket of reality thrown on all of us enthusiasts, and another really good reason to hate Vlad Putin. I hope that he roasts in hell.

Re: 1/72 scale miniatures market

Yevgen Chernov:
Great topic. How lucky we are to be living through this amazing hobby from the beginning and thru till now. The 1960's John Wayne Fort Apache and Beau Geste movies helped hooked me as a kid. Hopefully some new CGI games or YouTubes will encourage the new generations to want to buy these and experience that wonderful "feel" of the figures in their hands.

Thanks for the PSR link. Incredible!

Plastic Soldier Review:
Your PSR and plus Wikipedia are the two absolute greatest resources on the internet. I appreciate both so much. Thank you!

Thank you for the greatest forum for our hobby. The Strelets Team shows such strength, courage, determination and fighting spirit. I am absolutely in awe and humbled.

Other Forum Members:
Very interesting opinions. So enjoyable to read them. This Forum brings enjoyment and friendship around the world.

Re: 1/72 scale miniatures market

I think it is wrong and highly misleading to claim that HaT, Waterloo 1815, Italeri, Zvezda have stopped production. They certainly have not. They have more or less stopped releasing new sets, but their sets are plentiful to be found all over the internet and they are regularily back in stock. I use figures for wargaming, one of the few using 20mm and for that purpose those manufaturers are very useful, since you can easily build British, French, Austrian, Prussian and Russian armies with their output. The same would go for people building dioramas I would think.

So tha they produce few new sets is something mostly the collectors have a gripe with, but for other groups they still do the use, and as a matter of fact, a manufacturer like Italeri that keep core sets for the hobby in print for decades is very important for new people entering the hobby, wargamers and the like.