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Re: A Study in Blue

Great! I think these are the Bavarian cuirassiers, the Austrians have a kettledrummer if I remember correctly. Can't wait to see all of them. But please don't forget the Mousqetieres du Roi!
Here in Germany distribution has started well over a week ago. The dragoons are in red plastic as are the Garde du Corps. If they have not yet reached the States that's probably due to the messed up supply chains and they're stuck at some port. And yes, postage fees between countries have indeed become a bitter joke ...
Nice srue ...and I dream to see the musqueters du roi soon. Brave Stelets crew nice work again. Stay safe.

Re: A Study in Blue

I'm old enough to think that postage has returned to normal, i. e. to a price reflecting the actual cost, which we did not have to pay for quite some years - the latter being the exception, not the norm. That said, $36 seems excessive, so patience might be required. Strelets are working wonders in keeping up design, production and delivery of products, so it might be just a question of time until these fine sets will be available regionally at reasonable prices.

Re: A Study in Blue

I believe after reinspection that Flambeau is correct and that this blue plastic set is the WSS Bavarians - not Austrians as I originally surmised. The helmet detail and head postures match the Bavarians as I look at the ‘masters’ shown on the Strelets web site for both of these sets. I’m still looking for - and anxious - for all the new figures hinted at.

Re: A Study in Blue

Superb!!... And a set that we might only have dreamed of two years ago. Magnificent work, especially in these difficult times. Well done to all at Strelets, keep safe!

Re: A Study in Blue

I was just going to ask about these guys! I am currently painting some figures as Bavarian infantry, and I would love some lobster potted guys to go with them.

Re: A Study in Blue (5 Stars +++++)

Yes, Strelets Team - Bravo! Your Post Card from Ukraine this week is such a beautiful study in Toy Soldier perfection. Wonderful sculpting, and perfect casting in blue. I like to buy your soldiers and take them right out of the box and re-enact battles with them immediately. This is my life-long childhood pleasure that remains unchanged. So, please keep up your excellent colors quality for guys like me.

P.S. Oh yeah, and by the way, I also always enjoy the excellent painting skills of your other customers- especially that "Deserty Guy." :wink: :palm_tree:

Re: A Study in Blue

Oh yeah. Fabulous!

Regards, James