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Re: Model hobbies

Good evening,

It's been weeks without accessing the website. I think they are temporally or definitely out of business and this why we can't access anymore so that no one can put an order.
I wrote to Danielle , the customer support. Usually she always replies within a day. I never received any reply this time.
I hope this is temporarly as it was my favorite provider.


Re: Model hobbies

Well that at least explains it. It would be a real shame if they have gone for good they were one of three on line sellers used regularly.

Re: Model hobbies

Thank for raising this Alan. Like you I sent an email and did not receive a reply. The responses from others helped to explain what may be going on, so thanks all. Fingers crossed for post 1st July.

Like Neil, I have found Model Hobbies to be really efficient, helpful and sufficiently economical to Oz. They have good stocks of Strelets and Mars figures too.
[Neil, If you have not used them yet, Military Hobbies in Adelaide and 'Cronwallis' (The Miniature Armoury) on eBay (also based in Adelaide) are great 'local' suppliers.]

I always like to thank our wonderful suppliers, who provide fine services and have done a sterling job in the recent, challenging years.

It's great to acknowledge and promote them to others when we can... so;

- kudos and public thanks to Rupert at Drum and Flag, plus to KingKit who I have used from time to time. Before Elizabeth retired Transport Models/Kitlady were beaut too.

- Fausto at Lucky Toy Soldier in Italy is really good for rare sets and I go directly to Andreas at linear-A for their fine figures. Michael at 1/72 Legions in Plastic Depot in the US is also really good for rare sets and his Custom Blends are tops—even though the postage from the US can be a 'challenge'.

- Andy and Uwe at Hagen/Black Watch Miniatures are great for those special 1/72 figs in metal to complement the plastics and are really approachable and happy to look at options to 'make things work'.

A big wrap for our own Tactics over here in West Oz, but, sadly, they have stopped stocking Strelets.

NEVER EVER use La Figurine Plastique. Appalling lack of service. I was terribly burned—never again!