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Re: Model hobbies

dont think they are around anymore loads of bad reviews about non delivery they used to be so good too search what happened to model hobbies hope i am wrong

Re: Model hobbies

dont think they are around anymore loads of bad reviews about non delivery they used to be so good too search what happened to model hobbies hope i am wrong
Perplexing, isn't it?

Model Hobbies site has been down for a while, and I also feared the worst ie: that they have gone under, perhaps simply because the proprietors no longer wanted to trade, perhaps for personal reasons, perhaps because their generous discount policy had been too generous.

However, have a look at this:

This e-bay link suggests that the business is 'on ice' until 1st July or thereabouts. So Model Hobbies may be dormant, but not gone.

As for poor reviews: yes, I've read these and in my experience I cannot make any sense at all of them. I have used MH as my primary supplier of figures for many years, and have transacted with them probably 60+ times. Their service is excellent, and on the two occasions (that's 2 out of 60+) that something was not quite right, they sorted it very quickly. I'd give then 5 stars out of 5. They are also the cheapest outfit around if you are ordering more than £60 of stuff at any one time.

I'll take this opportunity also to praise my second key supplier, Drum and Flag, who are also excellent and provide a very quick and professional service. If MH are no longer trading then D&F will be getting most of my business.

Re: Model hobbies

I had been wondering the same thing. Also sent an email the Danielle and got no response. Even from Australia with exchange rates they are easily the most inexpensive with bulk orders. D&F also when I can't get what I'm looking for from MH. I did try to find them on ebay as I recall them selling there also, so the notification there is promising. I guess we'll find out for sure in about a week's time.

Re: Model hobbies

Good evening,

It's been weeks without accessing the website. I think they are temporally or definitely out of business and this why we can't access anymore so that no one can put an order.
I wrote to Danielle , the customer support. Usually she always replies within a day. I never received any reply this time.
I hope this is temporarly as it was my favorite provider.


Re: Model hobbies

Well that at least explains it. It would be a real shame if they have gone for good they were one of three on line sellers used regularly.

Re: Model hobbies

Thank for raising this Alan. Like you I sent an email and did not receive a reply. The responses from others helped to explain what may be going on, so thanks all. Fingers crossed for post 1st July.

Like Neil, I have found Model Hobbies to be really efficient, helpful and sufficiently economical to Oz. They have good stocks of Strelets and Mars figures too.
[Neil, If you have not used them yet, Military Hobbies in Adelaide and 'Cronwallis' (The Miniature Armoury) on eBay (also based in Adelaide) are great 'local' suppliers.]

I always like to thank our wonderful suppliers, who provide fine services and have done a sterling job in the recent, challenging years.

It's great to acknowledge and promote them to others when we can... so;

- kudos and public thanks to Rupert at Drum and Flag, plus to KingKit who I have used from time to time. Before Elizabeth retired Transport Models/Kitlady were beaut too.

- Fausto at Lucky Toy Soldier in Italy is really good for rare sets and I go directly to Andreas at linear-A for their fine figures. Michael at 1/72 Legions in Plastic Depot in the US is also really good for rare sets and his Custom Blends are tops—even though the postage from the US can be a 'challenge'.

- Andy and Uwe at Hagen/Black Watch Miniatures are great for those special 1/72 figs in metal to complement the plastics and are really approachable and happy to look at options to 'make things work'.

A big wrap for our own Tactics over here in West Oz, but, sadly, they have stopped stocking Strelets.

NEVER EVER use La Figurine Plastique. Appalling lack of service. I was terribly burned—never again!