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Re: Anybody else unable to access Benno's Figures Forum atm?

Hi all, Benno here

First of all I apologize for the inconvenience.

I've been notified of this issue but can't fix it until Sunday the 26th of June as I'm on holidays now and didn't bring my laptop with me. Then again the WiFi isn't the best here anyway...

It's a really annoying technical bug that comes back randomly for about 2-4 times per year that causes this issue. I have no idea what causes it, yet it's fixed in a matter of minutes. I think only a fresh install of the forum software will resolve this issue. Just need to find the time to do this!

Despite my absence in the forum I still do technical maintenance and pay the server bills every month with the help of all the supporting members. :grimacing: Without the supporting members and donations I couldn't have kept it running for over 10 years.

I do hope to find more time to be more active in the forum again. Setting up my own business and starting a family hasn't been too kind to my hobby agenda in the last few years! :smile:

Re: Anybody else unable to access Benno's Figures Forum atm?

Thanks for the info! Was almost afraid the Forum might have been hacked ... 🎃. Enjoy your holidays! 😎

Re: Anybody else unable to access Benno's Figures Forum atm?

Hoi Benno,
just in case this might have been misunderstood, my previous comment was in no way meant to be inflammatory.
Quite the opposite is true, personally I appreciate Bennos forum very much as a truly independent & largely well-moderated hobby platform and have been an avid reader there from the beginning.
I'm sure most people can understand the changes in life circumstances you describe, which have affected and continue to affect every hobbyist from a certain age onwards.
Unfortunately, real life shows very little consideration for our hobby enthusiasm.

Wishing you continued success in all your undertakings and an otherwise pleasant holiday. :sunglasses:
Tot ziens.