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Re: Friday Shot

More Friday delights. Outstanding looking figures.

I hope that the production of these excellent masters is as cathartic for the sculptor as it is joyous for we viewers.

Regards, James

Re: Friday Shot

Absolutely incredible detail, my sincere compliments on the sculpting, fantastic work, i wish all the Strelets team and their families safety and peace in such difficult times
look after yourselves
cheers Old John

Re: Friday Shot

These days the sculptor prefers digging trenches in open air 4 hours a day in National Guards, earning twice as much as at his primary job.

Alas, there's no such a thing as easy money in this world.

Best regards,


Re: Friday Shot

Wish him well from all of us out here in the ‘rest of the world’. I pray soon he won’t have to earn so much and can concentrate on these beautiful figures.

Re: Friday Shot

In an era when most national uniforms looked the same these actually seem quite unique! The grenadier cap is especially eye catching. Great work Strelets! Another beautiful set delivered to us to by you

Re: Friday Shot

Not my era but still some very, very nice figures.

Re: Friday Shot

Simply beautiful.