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Question for Strelets Team (?)

Hi Strelets Team,

If you were to be asked the question ... "What figures would you like to see be made?", being your personal favorites from a Collectors perspective, what would they be? This is intended to be a fun question.

Thank you - GC

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

I would like to see some actual US Regulars for the War of 1812.

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

I can easily get behind this Pedro. A War of 1812 range has been something I’ve been hoping for for a long time. But in all honestly, I’d rather see a good 20 set range on the Revolutionary War

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)
Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

Thank you for the link, Strelets. Very interesting history. Fun to see what your interests are.
Colorful and for me so much new to learn about. OK, talk soon!

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

Very cool to see where our own manufacturers interests lay. And a very interesting corner of history as well that I will now have to explore! If I had to answer the same question I’d probably have to go with Washington’s Life Guards.

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

My own personal hope/dream is:
Afgan wars, but if we talk about generic sets that we would like, I make a list:
Afgan tribes warriors,
Jacobite highlanders (new mold)
Abissinian warriors for colonial wars
Ghurkas 2ww,
Austro-ungarians inf.
1805 Nap. russians in greatcoat...and many more other dreams.
Stay safe my friends.

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

Yes! The sculptor who did M127 and set 115 (both Arab revolt) would be excellent for Afghans. Them being available would permit a side step to what would become Russian Turkestan…a niche subject but if crossover is allowed, for example Turkomen who could be used in Afghanistan or other bits of the Back of Beyond.

In the meantime, we appreciate everything.

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

Is it fair to say Strelets interests lie in the second half of the 19th Century?

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

Well if there was just one, my call would be the Durban mounted rifles 1879 , small unit like so many irregular mounted troops of the Zulu War , but could be painted as about half the irregular units of that war . The spiked helmets and braided jackets are a tough conversion, I have tried many times always ending is disappointment.

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

Easy: a new range for the War of the League of Augsburg.

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

Hello Strelets-Team,

the russian war against the Chiwa under General General Wassili Perowski (1833-1854) is a part of history which seldom appears in History-books of other nations.

Under General Pirowski, a new phase began in the expansion of the Russian sphere of influence in the direction of the Ural region, the Aral Sea and Kyrgyzstan. This included the systematic resettlement of Cossacks on the Ural and Kama River (Cossack Line), the establishment of Fort Aralsk and many fortified military posts in this region. This long war did not end until 1854, when the Russians conquered the fortress of Akmetket and the associated subjugation of the Chiva, Kyrgyz and Turkmen.

Like many other European countries, Russia also went through a phase of colonial wars in which foreign countries and peoples were conquered.

And unfortunately we are experiencing things like this again at the moment... :angry:

But under a pure historical view, it is an "unopended bottle"..

Re: Question for Strelets Team (?)

WW2 South East Asia. Slim's 17th (forgotten) army and Australians in 1/72 rather than 1/76. Key figures would be mule and handler and someone using the external phone to go with my Australian matilda tank. Cut down 25pdr would be interesting.