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Re: Week-end - time to reload

Really lovely figures again! I agree with Mark though, if I could choose any future set it would be generic French line cavalry.

Re: Week-end - time to reload

Yay!! Thanks for sharing. :smile: :hugging_face:

Re: Week-end - time to reload

The cuirass force I’m gonna have by the time this range ends is gonna be pretty immense! Great looking figures as always. Quite a unexpected pleasant surprise as well. Three sets of armored Cuirassiers now?! Awesome as always Strelets. Stay safe!

Re: Week-end - time to reload

It's even betterer than that Asher; four!

257 Austrian Cuirassiers
258 Bavarian Cuirassiers
259 Dutch Cuirassiers
xxx ??? Cuirassiers

Cheers, James

Re: Week-end - time to reload

That’s right James I completely forgot about the Dutch Cuirassiers! And upon looking at their masters once more I am completely blown away as to how I overlooked them. Their tricornes will be a nice change of pace from the lobster pots.