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Re: Week-end - time to reload

Wow, which wonderful surprise totally unexpected, loading cuirassiers! ... and still one more reason to hate the small man in the Kremlin. It will been hard to have patience.
Stay safe in these hard times! And thanks a lot for every powerful sign of resistance which you donate us every friday.

Re: Week-end - time to reload

Wow, more cuirassiers?

You little bloody ripper!!!

Re: Week-end - time to reload

Nice figures! I'm guessing that these will be on standing horses, waiting patiently as their heavy-weight riders go through the complications of loading firearms on careful not to drop those ramrods.

Have a safe weekend.:slightly_smiling_face:

PS: Even in these difficult times can I repeat a request.....

Can we have some French Line cavalry please!!! Not dragoons, but Spanish/Walloon useable as French, or French useable as Spanish/Walloons will do nicely.

With four sets of cuirassiers now waiting for a peaceful time and production, surely the biggest gap in the WoSS range is these Line cavalry fellows??

One set in similar poses to the British cavalry would be good, cantering forward with a selection of swords, pistols and the odd carbine. A second set loading firearms would be good as well.

Re: Week-end - time to reload

Agreed Minuteman, those are indeed missing. And British fusiliers. The odd figure without a hat might be an idea. I suppose a lot of those might have been the first thing to get lost during a charge or a hasty retreat. Also a bandaged head would be nice now and then. But I'll be glad once we can get hold of some of the excellent stuff we've seen so far.

Re: Week-end - time to reload

Dearest Strelets,

Once again, you have made my weekend. Your postcard pictures from Ukraine of masterful masters are stunning. OK now, stay safe- all of you!

Faithfully yours - GC

Re: Week-end - time to reload

Wonderful looking figures! Like others I am wondering what the state of play re production and delivery. Heard someone say that boxes were shipping from Ukraine, but couldn't confirm manufacturers.

Re: Week-end - time to reload

Really lovely figures again! I agree with Mark though, if I could choose any future set it would be generic French line cavalry.

Re: Week-end - time to reload

Yay!! Thanks for sharing. :smile: :hugging_face:

Re: Week-end - time to reload

The cuirass force I’m gonna have by the time this range ends is gonna be pretty immense! Great looking figures as always. Quite a unexpected pleasant surprise as well. Three sets of armored Cuirassiers now?! Awesome as always Strelets. Stay safe!

Re: Week-end - time to reload

It's even betterer than that Asher; four!

257 Austrian Cuirassiers
258 Bavarian Cuirassiers
259 Dutch Cuirassiers
xxx ??? Cuirassiers

Cheers, James

Re: Week-end - time to reload

That’s right James I completely forgot about the Dutch Cuirassiers! And upon looking at their masters once more I am completely blown away as to how I overlooked them. Their tricornes will be a nice change of pace from the lobster pots.