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Don`t be fooled.....

While looking through ebay, I came across some stunning 1/72 resin figures, a proper WOW moment , they were all WW2 , as I scrolled through the sellers listing of loads of figures cast in resin, I started to see a few I recognised, mostly AB figures and some Italeri ,on checking they are ALL copies of AB figures, now some low life is copying these figures and passing them off as their own. If you are familiar with AB`s sculpting you will know why I wow`ed ! . Anyway the second really sad thing is he is charging more for these rip offs than AB or Italeri charge for the originals. So be warned, if you are going to part with your money, let it be to the guys that have done the hard work,not some rip off artist in China.

Re: Don`t be fooled.....

I also spotted these on Ebay Alan a few days ago and thought they looked familiar - having a small number of AB figures in metal in my collection. It really is not fair to the original sculptor/company that the figures are pirated although I doubt that much can be done in regards to the origins and legalities of the original figures.

Re: Don`t be fooled.....

The PRC stealing intellectual property - I am shocked. Not.

Re: Don`t be fooled.....

AB figures web site provides a lot of information about Tony Barton. He is based in Australia and sells through ABfigures or Eureka miniatures UK.
Not the first time he has had copyright problems.
The AB site tells you about his technique with Fimo for the masters. Clever stuff. Might try it.